Just For YOU

“When The Student Is Ready..The Teacher Appears”

Our club welcomes people of all ages from 6 to 60.  Men and Women, Boys and Girls, no matter your current fitness level, we have internationally qualified instructors across a wide spectrum of Martial Arts and Self Defence techniques to match exactly what you are seeking.

Most of our student family come to us with specific goals in mind – Goals that are extremely personal and important to them. We understand this because most of our ‘leading Trainers’ joined us with their own goals formed through personal life stories.

Come along to…

  • Stop the bullies & gain self confidence! – Parents realising the often devastating affects bullies can cause, want their children to brim with the confidence and inner peace born out of their own self defence knowledge and ability.  And often kids themselve seek out the opportunity to gain real life and practical skills and to rid themselves of doubt and just have some real fun!
  • Protect yourself & your loved ones! – Life is unpredictable and so are some people. Women, girls, men and boys all want to ensure their own personal safety, along with their family’s, and enjoy the confidence that comes through the understanding of, and ability with, proven self defence techniques!
  • Master the ancient martial arts styles and techniques! – For many people, becoming a master at your chosen craft brings great rewards. Professional and honed ability to enact and compete with your style at the highest levels; Strong friendship, comeraderie and trust that comes through mutual knowledge & understanding and years of training together, helping each other reach for and achieve their heights; And, self discipline, respect for others and self, long-term fitness and a lifetime of confidence!

So, no matter who you are come along and be part of something unique that gives you much more than what you give to it…Fitness, Self Defence, Confidence and Fun!

Whether you’re Men and Woman just looking to improve your fitness or want to learn some key self defence techniques…Or…you want your children to gain the confidence that comes through mastering sound self defence skills, to deny the potential for bullying through our Kidz Karate…Or…You want to achieve at the highest levels of Black Belt qualification at Zen Do Kai, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Stick Fighting or other Weapons Arts, including the Katana (sword) – Our internationally, highly accredited martial artists can help you succeed.

Why not find out more today – Learn more about us at Zen Do Kai Golden Grove and discover how we can help you – Get what you have dreamed about achieving!