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Zen Do Kai Martial Arts

“The Best of Everything in Progression”

Choosing the ‘Right’ Martial Arts dojo is truly important – If it’s not the right fit for you, you’re not going to get what you came for in the first place, because it’s unlikely that you’ll stay long enough to obtain the outcomes you want!

We know – Zen Do Kai Martial Arts (BJCMA) was established in 1970.  We’ve trained and developed countless students of all ages over that time..Thousands of men, women and children.  We’ve found that the key to finding the dojo that’s right for you is to quickly establish the answers to these questions…

  • Are the ‘leading trainers’ engaging teachers? – They may be very talented and very well qualified martial artists, but do they possess the rare ability to teach?   Are they skilled at transferring their knowledge to others and are they capable enough to personally coach and mentor their students?
  • Are the ‘leading trainers’ compelling motivators? – Can they provide you with the insights, guidance and direction which  continues to uplift, inspire, motivate you and take you  to where you really want to go with your own growth and training journey?
  • Are the Dojo Team Members part of the ‘team’ too? –  The Leading Trainers are important to your personal growth, but without committed team-mates to learn and grow with, it will become very hard. The whole club needs to be motivated, committed and dedicated for you and everyone involved, to get the very best results!

We know what it takes for your success!

Respect – Discipline – Confidence – Fitness

The team at Zen Do Kai Golden Grove dojo are committed to you and your success.  We are a family oriented club, providing training to everyone aimed at whatever level you are seeking.

Whether your aim is to improve your fitness, or you are seeking to learn some key self defence techniques…Or…you want your children to gain the confidence that comes through mastering sound self defence skills, to deny the potential for bullying through our Kidz Karate…Or…You want to achieve at the highest levels of Black Belt qualification at Zen Do Kai, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Stick Fighting or Weapons Arts – Our internationally, highly accredited martial artists can help you succeed.

Why not find out more today – Learn more about us at Zen Do Kai Golden Grove and discover how we can help you – Get what you want!