kidsBJC Kidz Karate

As the name suggests, BJC Kidz Karate was developed specifically for younger children, with the intentions of not only providing kids with an outlet to learn self defence methods and gain fitness, but so they can also have some fun!

The aims & objectives of the Zen Do Kai Kidz Karate Program are to develop:



  • Basic Martial Arts Based Training
  • Basic Self Defence Skills
  • A Healthy Attitude to Sport
  • A Healthy Attitude Towards Self
  • Basic Motor Skills
  • Group Socialization
  • Co-operation with Others
  • Basic Discipline
  • But most of all to have fun!

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If you have any queries or you’re just curious about any aspect of our club, please call our Sensei Rohan on 0407511386…OR…fill out the form below and submit – We’re happy to help!

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